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DO TINY HOUSES FIT INTO YOUR COMMUNITY? Nothing in the current housing discussion has created the same stir like the tiny house movement and Spearfish, South Dakota has wrestled with trying to understand where this option fits into the menu of choices for housing in the city. The bottom line is that although they are not for everyone, the people who seek the tiny house lifestyle need the same amount of help and assistance to realize their dream as those who are building traditionally constructed homes. by Jayna Watson, AICP

TRANSITIONAL COMMUNITIES: PLANNING WITHIN A GROWTH PARADOX Rural decline continues in many places, but some amenity-rich areas transition to tourism-driven economies—often against the desires of legacy residents. Unique challenges make community planning difficult, but essential, in this context. A case study highlights the challenges of a community in transition. by Paul Moberly and Kyle Slaughter

GPS CONTROL IN THE LAST FRONTIER - ALASKA GIS Tech Nancy Katkin with the Fairbanks North Star Borough Community Planning in Alaska had many adventures in the field. Her work allowed the Borough GIS technicians in the office to use the collected points, along with existing subdivision plats, to redraw the parcel layer to approximately the same accuracy level as the aerial photography layer.  by Angela Parker, AICP, CFM, and Nancy Veitch Katkin

EXAMINING WALK TRAVEL BEHAVIOR AND LAND USE IN UTAH While interest in fostering walkable communities in Utah has grown in recent years, the longer-term trend is showing that people are walking less. This article describes an analysis of the factors that impact walking. The principle data source for this analysis was the 2012 Utah Household Travel Survey (UTHS). by Jonathan Larsen, PE, Andy Li, Ph.D., and Callie New

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