Past Award Winners

Planner of the Year

  • 2015 Dr. William Gribb, of the University of Wyoming Geography Department
  • 2014 Chris Beck, AICP, is a Principal with Agnew::Beck Consulting out of Anchorage, AK and Boise, ID and has been instrumental in bringing planning to urban and rural Alaska since 1979
  • 2013 Donna Bye, planner for the City of Minot, ND
  • 2012 Cheyenne, WY Planning and Development Director Brandon Cammarata
  • 2011 (Two winners) April Getchius, AICP, and Mary Randolph both of Cheyenne, Wyoming
  • 2010 No Nominations received
  • 2009 Tom Perrigo, AICP, City of Las Vegas, Nevada, Deputy Director of Planning
  • 2008 Two Planners Recognized: Robert Briggs, City of Sheridan, Wyoming Planning Director; and Doug Self, City of Driggs, Idaho, Planning and Zoning Administrator
  • 2007 Jessica Osborne, Planner III, City of Commerce City, Colorado
  • 2006 No nominations received
  • 2005 Robert Czerniak, City and Regional Planning Program Department Head, Las Cruces, New Mexico

President’s Award

  • 2015 no award given
  • 2014 Ken Waido had served on the WPR Board for over 30 years
  • 2013 Michael Harper, FAICP
  • 2012 Long-time WP Board Member Ben Orsbon, FAICP for his many years of service “since forever” and his “cutting edge” contributions to The Western Planner.
  • 2010 Ken Waido, WPR Treasurer, Fort Collins, Colorado for his unfailing commitment and enduring contribution to WPR. Ken was honored for his many, many, many years of service, outstanding achievements, and great adventures along the way as WPR’s treasured Treasurer.
  • 2010 Dee Caputo, AICP, WPR Past President, Olympia, Washington, for her leadership, professionalism and focus. Dee’s many, many years of service to WPR reflect her dedication and passion to the planning profession.
  • 2008 Wells Williams, AICP, Sitka, Alaska, 16-year WPR Board Member and First WPR Webmaster
  • 2007 Steve Kurtz, FAICP, Casper, Wyoming, The Western Planner Editor 1991-2006
  • 2007 Joanne Garnett, FAICP, Pinedale, Wyoming, 22-year WPR Board Member, WPR Emeritus Board Member, and “Mother of The Western Planner”

Sheldon D. Gerber Merit Award for Excellence in Environmental Planning

  • 2015 no award given
  • 2014 no award given
  • 2013Tahoe Regional Planning Agency (TRPA) Regional Plan
  • 2012 Mark Apel, who is currently the Area Associate Agent for the University of Arizona Cooperative Extension in Sierra Vista
  • 2011 City of Las Vegas, Nevada, Unified Development Code
  • 2011 Plan Fort Collins, Colorado, Project Management Team
  • 2010 Planning Project Community Planning Association of Southwest Idaho, Environmental Review Process
  • 2010 Outstanding Implementation Effort City of Caldwell, Indian Creek Revitalization Project
  • 2009 Planning Project City of Cheyenne, Wyoming, in cooperation with Wenk Associates for their efforts to providing educational tools and a future vision for the Belvoir Ranch Master Plan.
  • 2009  Citizen Initiated Effort City of Gillette Parks and Beautification Board. Michael Surface was the Senior Planner for the Project.
  • 2008 City of Laramie, Wyoming, Community Development Department for the Casper Aquifer Protection Plan and Ordinance
  • 2007  Planning Project City Creek Conservation Area, City of Pocatello, Idaho
  • 2007  Planning Individual Byron Goynes, Planning Commissioner, City of Las Vegas, Nevada
  • 2006  The Regional Animal Campus Project, by Tate Snyder Kimsey Architects, Las Vegas, Nevada Diablo Canyon Rural Planning Area
  • 2006  Evolving Tradition in a New Economy, Coconino County Board of County Supervisors, Bar T Bar, and Flying M Ranches, Flagstaff, Arizona 2005 The 3 Creek Ranch Development Project, owned by The Ranches at Jackson Hole, LLC, and led by Verdone Landscape Architects

Citizen Planner Award

  • 2015 no award given
  • 2014 no award given
  • 2013Cecilia McCord, Executive Director of the Rio Grande Agricultural Land Trust in New Mexico

Rural Innovation Award

  • 2015 Minnehaha County, South Dakota for their Envision 2035 Comprehensive Plan
  • 2014  The Fairbanks North Star Borough for its project, “Parcel Base Map Control with Differential GPS.” The purpose of this project was to provide the Fairbanks North Star Borough better control of its GIS parcel layer by referencing the parcel layer to GPS coordinates.
  • 2013The Jackson/Teton County Comprehensive Plan and Implementation Actions

Steadman’s People’s Choice Award

This is a new category for 2013, taking place of the Stan Steadman Article of the Year.

  • 2015 The recipient of this award was Michael I. Smith, CFM for his article The Civilian Conservation Corps, 1933-1942: A Model of Cooperation, a Blessing for the West, published in the April/May 2014 issue. The excellent article outlined the history of Civilian Conservation Corps and the employment it provided to youth during the Great Depression, as well as its significant contribution to the nation’s parks and forests.
  • 2014 Adrienne Packer for her article “Going Green,” published in the Feb/Mar 2013 issue. The article describes the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada successes at balancing the transportation needs of the residents of Las Vegas and the visitors that flock to the Strip and Downtown.
  • 2013 The winning article garnered a total of 657 online votes and was authored by Cindy Mendoza- “A Rancher’s Insights on Trails Planning Provide Lessons in Public Involvement.” Click here to read the PDF

Stan Steadman Article of the Year  

This award was changed in 2013 to the Steadman’s People’s Choice Award.

  • 2011 TO AVOID A TAKING: Special assessments must create special benefitsby Ben Orsbon, FAICP, Pierre, South Dakota
  • 2011 Conservation Subdivisions— An Alternative to Western Ranchettes: by Mark B. Apel, Bisbee, Arizona
  • 2010 “Putting Boots on the Ground: Lessons on Small Town Planning from Southwest Utah” by Elissa Black and Peter Stempel, Consultants, Virgin, Utah
  • 2009 “Discovering Home:  Readings on a Sense of Place for Planners,” by Scot Siegel, Planning Consultant. Lake Oswego, Oregon
  • 2008 “Thinking Globally, Acting Municipally: Three Colorado Cities Strategies to Reduce Greenhouse Gases,” by Megan Day, Planner, Manitou Springs, Colorado
  •  2007 “Open Space Success Stories: Albuquerque and Boise,” by Brad Stebleton, Senior Planner, Sandoval County, Bernalillo, New Mexico
  •  2006 “Small Communities Struggle to Retain Identity in the Face of Commercialization,” by Matt Ashby, AICP, Senior Planner, City of Cheyenne, Wyoming
  •  2005 “Roads, Growth Management and Rural Planners of the West,” by Mark Reid, Laramie County Planning Director, Cheyenne, Wyoming
  •  2004 “BikeNet in Billings,” by Don Brigham, Consulting Planner, Southeast Washington
  •  2003 “TRAC-ing Land Use Options in Mesa County” by Michael Warren, AICP, Senior Planner, Long-Range Planning Division, Department of Planning and Development, Mesa County, Colorado
  •  2002 “Frontier Planners Tackle Intractable Challengers of Depopulation” by David Stauffer, Red Lodge, Montana Planning and Zoning Commission Chair
  •  2001 “Fundamentals of Economic Development for Planners” by Dave Spencer, Wyoming Business Council Northeast Region Director, Gillette, Wyoming
  •  2000 “Complicated Problems Call for Complicated Solutions” by Co-Authors JohnTaschek, Owner and Manager, Taschek Environmental Consulting, Seth Fiedler, Senior Environmental Planner, Taschek Environmental Consulting, Corrales, New Mexico, and Anita Miller, Attorney specializing in land use law, Albuquerque, New Mexico
  •  1999 “Refugees in Western Planner States: Who Are They and How Do We Plan for Them?” John Gaber, Assistant Professor of Community and Regional Planning, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Lester Award

  • 2015 no award given
  • 2014 the year’s conference chair Max Johnson
  • 2013 Erick J. Aune, AICP, of Santa Fe, NM
  • 2012 Wyeth Friday Billings, MT
  • 2011 & 2010 None
  • 2009 Joanne, Garnett, FAICP, Sheridan Wyoming
  • 2008 Jody Sanford, Bozeman, Montana
  • 2007 Dave Miller, Lincoln, Nebraska
  • 2006 Robert S. Genzer, Private Planning Consultant and former City of Las Vegas, Nevada, Planning Supervisor
  • 2005 Tammy McGill, Billings Montana