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March 8 - 9, 2018: RMLUI’s Annual Western Places/Western Spaces Conference

Rocky Mountain Land Use Institute's Western Places/Western Spaces Conference

March 8 & 9, 2018

The Rocky Mountain West is characterized as much by its vibrant and diverse communities as by its sweeping plains and rugged mountains. The annual Western Places/Western Spaces conference explores the social and development issues facing communities—from large cities to small towns—as well as concerns about managing and preserving our natural heritage.


Disruption, Innovation, and Progress

How do we plan for the future when we don’t know what it holds? Despite the best-laid plans, new practices or technology can disrupt the entire process.

The sharing economy and smart city technology are already make waves in housing, transportation, and parking.  Landscape managers can now track livestock and grazing, map remote areas, and monitor plant and animal species using drones and GIS mapping. The rise of e-commerce is disrupting both big-box stores and Main Street shops.

In addition to all the change being brought about by technology and innovation, communities also have to contend with the disruptions brought on by natural processes and the impacts caused by climate change, including prolonged droughts, heat waves, and extreme weather events?

In a world full of disruptions, how do we build infrastructure and craft policies that not only meet our present-day needs, but also have the flexibility to adapt to future scenarios? These questions will help frame our discussions at the 2018 Western Places/Western Spaces conference, focusing on several overarching topics.



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