Highlight Projects/Plans (350-700 words)


Did you know the Western Planner is starting accepting short articles to highlight projects and plans in process? We are trying to find ways of getting more information and examples of what communities are doing. Think between 350 -700 words. If you have executive summary report/press releases, you might have a chunk of info that we need already. It doesn't have to be about finished projects/plans. Here are some examples of what we are looking for in a short article. Not all of these need to be addressed.

  • Why you doing the project/plan?

  • What problem is it addressing? How does it impact the public?

  • Community demographics (brief)

  • Graphics/photos - Must have permission to republish them. And need to be sent separate from the article

  • Documents (We would like to put plans, etc on the website) Can send us a link too

  • How you are engaging the public or engaged the public

  • A brief section on next steps

  • Brief bio

  • Resources/any company info

Other planners in the region are very interested to learn what you are doing in your community. Please email our editor to find out more.

Article Submission Guidelines

The guidelines are inclusive rather than exclusive as we encourage planners to assist others by writing about what has been successful for them.  

  • The Western Planner (WP) encourages subscribers, readers, and others to submit articles and columns for publication in our bimonthly digital Journal. The WP doesn’t pay for articles.

  • Email an abstract (think 3-4 sentences) of the topic to the editor. They will review the abstract and contact you about whether to proceed. Successful submissions have a widespread applicability to the West, is interesting, solutions are offered, and that it provides ideas for bringing together planners, the public, elected officials, and the development community.

  • Submit your article to the editor in a Word document and include photos and graphics as separate attachments (i.e., not in the Word document). Be sure to include a suggested headline, any citations and a short bio.

  • Submission of an article to WP implies that the material has not been published before and that this article has not been simultaneously submitted to any other publication outlet unless previously agreed upon.

  • Each article should be accompanied by a list of resources on the topic at hand: relevant books and reports, conferences, and contact people and their phone numbers (if necessary).

  • Each submission is encouraged to also submit color photos and graphics. We prefer to receive artwork electronically. All graphics/photos should include credit and caption information.

Copyright Notice for Article Submission

  • Unless otherwise noted, the articles cannot be reproduced without permission from The Western Planner and the author. To request permission to republish material, please contact us.

  • If The Western Planner and the author approves the reprint, then the articles must include the following tagline: “This article was originally published in The Western Planner. Visit www.westernplanner.org to learn more.”

  • The authors give The Western Planner the first right and perpetual subsequent right to publish, reproduce, distribute, display and store the work in any medium. In cases where an article is not accepted for publication by the editorial board, the authors can submit the article to any other publication for first publication.