State Planning Associations

The Western Planner has organizational participants designated by the WPR Board of Directors. A participating organization may be any organization that promotes community and regional planning in the West, demonstrates an active interest in WPR programs and publications, and is recognized by the Board of Directors. The purposes of organizational participation are to insure representation of regional ideas among the Board of Directors; to provide for close communication among planners and planning organizations; to obtain appointments to the Board of Directors; and, to solicit ongoing support for activities of WPR.

  1. Alaska APA
  2. Arizona APA
  3. Colorado APA
  4. Idaho APA
  5. Montana Association of Planners (MAP)
  6. Nevada APA
  7. New Mexico APA
  8. North Dakota Planning Association
  9. Oregon APA
  10. Planning Association of Washington (PAW)
  11. South Dakota Planning Association
  12. Utah APA
  13. Western Central Chapter APA (WCC)
  14. Wyoming Planning Association (WYOPASS)  
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