RFP - Comprehensive Plan and Transportation System Analysis and Plan Updates - Victor, Idaho

Located at the southern end of Teton County in Southern Idaho, the City of Victor is a small resort town (2017 population of 2,355) at the base of the Teton Mountain Range. Victor is located in Teton County, Idaho, with a 2017 population of 11,381. Approximately 25 miles from Jackson Hole Wyoming, 67 miles northeast of Idaho Falls , the City lies at the crossroads of state Highways 31 and 33. Victor and Teton County have experienced significant population growth in the last two decades, attracted by a high-quality recreation-centered lifestyle. 

Project Description The consultant will prepare a new Comprehensive Plan and Transportation System Analysis and Plan (TSP) to replace and update the current plans. The Comprehensive Plan was adopted in 2015. The TSP was adopted in 2009 and re-adopted by Council in 2017. 

The Comprehensive Plan and the TSP must meet all requirements of Idaho state statute, as well as address special Planning issues described below in this document. Both plans should establish implementation strategies to be utilized following adoption. Furthermore, the plans should include indicators and benchmarks that aid in the adaption of the plans to changing community conditions. The plans must be written in a non-technical format that is easily understood and clearly defines the vision, policies and objectives for the community. 

City Planning and Zoning Staff will collaborate in all facets of preparing the update to the Comprehensive Plan. The City will make available local data, including GIS data, business license data, sales tax data, and Comprehensive Planning & building data necessary to complete this Comprehensive Plan update. City staff will aid the consultant in the development and implementation of community engagement strategies that reach all segments of the City’s populace, however the consultant will be responsible for posting electronic communications as well as posting physical advertisements throughout the community that may include outreach to organized groups, such as homeowner associations. 

The new TSP will replace the current plan adopted in 2009 and re-adopted by Council in 2017. The plan must meet all requirements of Idaho state statute and follow the format suggested in the “Manual on Transportation Plans, Second Edition”, which was produced by the Local Highway Technical Assistance Council (LHTAC). The scope of work for the TSP will include completing Sections 2 and 3 of the suggested outline as contained in the aforementioned publication by LHTAC. This would include being responsible for and directing the public involvement process as well as providing the section for the TSP on the existing/future populations and employment. 

A Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) will be used to guide the development both plans. The Victor Comprehensive Planning and Zoning Administrator will be the primary point of contact for the Comprehensive Plan, and Victor’s City Engineer and Public Works Director will be the primary contact for the TSP. Planning and Zoning Staff and Public Works Staff will aid in meeting scheduling, will attend (but not lead) public meetings, and will be available to provide assistance. Other City staff will be available to answer questions in their areas of expertise. 

The City expects that the selected consultant will develop and maintain a project website and provide multiple forms of community input for English and Spanish speakers, including online surveys and periodic in-person workshops, which may be organized and focused by topic or neighborhood. In addition to working with the TAC, the selected consultant will present the final proposed Plan to the Planning and Zoning Commission and City Council at required public hearings as they consider recommendation and adoption, respectively. 

Current Comprehensive Plan The current Victor Comprehensive Plan, adopted in 2015, may be found on the City of Victor website (www.victorcityidaho.com) under City Hall >Departments > Planning > Comprehensive Plan. The existing Comprehensive Plan is organized as identified in Idaho’s land use Comprehensive Planning enabling legislation, but these topics may be combined to improve the clarity and usefulness of the Comprehensive Plan. 

Current TSP The current Victor TSP, adopted in 2009 and re-adopted in 2017, may be found on the City of Victor website (www.victorcityidaho.com) under City Hall >Departments > Public Works > Specifications, Studies and Reports > Transportation Study 2009. 

Other City Plans The City of Victor has also adopted the following plans, which guide policy and programs: 

2019 Economic Development Plan

2019 Affordable Housing Strategic Plan

2017 Water Quality Report

2016 Teton County All-Hazard Mitigation Plan

2016 Downtown Victor Strategic Plan (Not formally adopted)

2015 Waste Diversion Plan

2011 Envision Victor

2011 Pioneer Park Master Plan

2009 Transportation System Analysis and Plan (Re-adopted in 2017)

2007 Teton Scenic Byway Corridor Management Plan

Teton County Individual & Family Disaster Preparedness Plan 

Special Comprehensive Plan Planning Issues Issues of particular importance for the community that will need attention within the Comprehensive Plan include: 

  • Affordable housing, workforce housing, and generational continuity, including land availability for multi-family housing 

  • Land use & aesthetics along the highway corridors, particularly outside of the downtown core 

  • Growth boundaries and area of City impact extent 

  • Land availability and suitability for desired commercial and industrial uses 

  • Annexation policies and priorities 

  • Infill development, including desired densities and possible development incentives 

  • Community health and wellness 

  • Community resilience and sustainable building practices 

  • Wildlife, natural resource, and environmental initiatives 

  • Recreation amenity enhancement 

  • Connectivity and transportation corridors 

  • Broad, inclusive, and authentic community engagement 

  • Mountain resort community housing and community/economic development 

  • Public art 

Special TSP Planning Issues Issues of particular importance for the community that will need attention within the TSP include: 

  • Current and forecasted levels of service 

  • Alleys and central core freight and delivery facilities 

  • Highway corridors and future nodes of development (Emphasis on the northern corridor on Highway 33 from 7000 South to 8000 South including a recommended multi-modal cross section) 

  • Expansion of multi-modal transit options, inclusive of public transit enhancement opportunities 

  • Downtown parking analysis 

  • New technology (E-scooter, E-bike, autonomous vehicles, drones, and 5G Wireless Technology) 

  • Wayfinding 

  • Recreation amenity enhancement, including the proposed City of Victor Greenbelt 

  • Connectivity and transportation corridors 

Proposal The proposal should be organized in sections containing the following information: 

1. Cover letter. Briefly summarize the firm’s qualifications most relevant to this project and identify the project team. Confirm the firm’s ability to meet the proposed project schedule. Provide contact information for the firm and project manager. 

2. Description of Firm. Describe your firm’s legal structure, areas of expertise, length of time in business, number of employees, and other information that would help to characterize the firm. Provide the address of the main office and the address of the office that will manage the project. 

3. Personnel. Provide a professional resume for the key people proposed to be assigned to the project (including key personnel for any sub-consultants), showing professional qualifications and licenses, along with relevant related experience. Describe key personnel’s proposed roles and responsibilities on this project. Submittals must identify a proposed project manager who would be responsible for the day-to-day management of project tasks and would be the primary point of contact with your firm. An organization chart of the project team may be appropriate. 

4. Relevant Experience. Briefly describe other projects executed by your firm that demonstrate relevant experience. For each project mentioned, include the name, address and phone number of a person who can be contacted regarding your performance on the project. When submitting projects for which your firm worked in an auxiliary capacity or in a joint venture or partnership, include the name of the lead firm. 

5. Project Understanding. Describe your firm’s understanding of the community, the nature of this project and the opportunities and challenges that may be encountered. 

6. Project Approach. Describe the tasks that must be accomplished to complete the project. Provide a narrative description of how the firm proposes to execute the tasks. If applicable, discuss any unique aspects of the project, or innovative approaches the City of Victor might wish to consider. 

7. Project Schedule. Provide a schedule of general project activities indicating the duration of each activity and of the total project. The schedule should reflect realistic activity durations. 

8. Fee Schedule. Provide a schedule of hourly rates, fees and other expenses that will be incorporated in the firm’s contract. 

Brochures or other material that may be helpful in evaluating your firm may be included in an appendix of the Statement of Qualifications (SOQ). 

Seven (7) printed copies and one digital version of the Proposal must be received no later than 12 pm (MT) on Friday, August 2, 2019 at Victor City Hall, 10 S Main Street, Unit 101, Victor ID 83455 (US Postal Service deliveries should be sent to PO Box 122, Victor, ID 83455). Proposals received after the deadline will not be considered. 

Selection Process A selection committee will evaluate and score the proposals that are submitted. Top-ranked firms may be invited to interview with the selection committee, which may be by video conference. However, the City of Victor may dispense with interviews and select the firm it finds to be the most qualified to perform the work. Firms will be evaluated, and SOQs scored as follows: 

(20pts) Qualifications of Firm & Project Team

(30pts) Relevant Project Experience

(20pts) Demonstrated Understanding of Project and Community

(20pts) Approach and Schedule

(10pts) Fee Schedule 

The selection committee will make recommendations to the City Council, who will approve the ranking of firms. The City of Victor will seek to negotiate a contract, a detailed scope of work, fee schedule, etc. with the top-ranked firm. If unable to reach an agreement, the City will terminate negotiations and commence negotiations with the second-ranked firm, and so forth. 

Budget The City anticipates the complete project budget will not exceed $100,000. 

Tentative Schedule RFP issued July 1, 2019 Questions to be submitted July 15, 2019 Addendum issued, if necessary July 19, 2019 Deadline for RFP submittals August 2, 2019 Notice of Proposal Ranking August 16, 2019 Interviews August 19-23, 2019 Selection of firm August 26, 2019 Contract Execution September 11, 2019 

After a contract is executed, the City expects the Comprehensive Plan and TSP will be ready for adoption within 10 months. 

Additional Information Questions regarding the Comprehensive Plan may be directed to Ryan Krueger, Planning and Zoning Director for the City of Victor at (208) 787-2940 x 5 or ryank@victorcityidaho.com. Questions regarding the TSP may be directed to Rob Heuseveldt, City Engineer and Public Works Director for the City of Victor at (208) 787-2940 x 3 or roberth@victorcityidaho.com. 

The City will consider questions from submitters as long as the questions are submitted in writing and are received by the City by 5 pm (MT) on Monday, July 15, 2019. All interested parties that have provided notice to the City of their intent to submit a SOQ shall receive the City’s answer to any timely submitted question. 

The provisions of this RFP cannot be modified by oral interpretations or statements. If inquiries or comments raise issues that require clarification by the City, or the City decides to revise any part of this RFP, addenda will be provided to all parties that have provided notice to the City of their intent to submit a SOQ. Any addenda will also be posted on the City’s website. 

The issuance of the RFP and the receipt and evaluation of submissions does not obligate the City of Victor to award a contract. The City will not pay costs incurred in responding to this RFP. The City may in its discretion cancel this process at any time prior to the execution of a contract without liability.

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