Two Urban and Regional Planner positions in Santa Fe, NM (Closes Aug. 12 & Aug. 16)

New Mexico Department of Transportation’s Statewide Planning Bureau is looking for two Urban and Regional Planners to join their group in Santa Fe.

The first position is with the Active Transportation Programs team.  This new member of the team will serve as the Recreational Trails Program Coordinator.  The position is responsible for overseeing and administering the Recreational Trails Program, as well as other transportation planning related duties as assigned.  The position works closely with federal, state, and local governments to implement projects within the Recreational Trails Program.  Duties include managing calls for projects, writing program guidance, providing contract administration with grantees, approving invoices, responding to general public and public agency inquiries, organizing meetings, presenting program information, and ensuring compliance with federal regulations.  Additional duties as available and assigned include assisting with Bicycle/Pedestrian/Equestrian planning activities, assisting with the Transportation Alternative Program, assisting the Bureau with long-range planning activities. 

The second position is with the Technical and Freight Planning team, to support statewide freight planning and coordination, maintain roadway classifications, assist in analysis of performance measures, and other technical planning activities, including GIS utilization. These efforts include direct coordination with the Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) and Regional Transportation Planning Organizations (RTPOs) to implement transportation planning processes in New Mexico, program management, assisting with long-range planning processes and implementation, multi-modal transportation planning, and other duties as assigned.


Minimum qualifications include a Bachelor’s degree in planning, architecture, business administration, public administration or political science and two (2) years of experience to include urban, transportation or infrastructure planning, real estate, commercial or public land usage, grant management, procurement, working with contracts, right of way appraisal, inter-agency coordination, engineering design, business administration and/or economics. Substitutions Apply, please see the job posting at the careers site for a substitution table.  Desired qualifications include a candidate will experience in facility design, geographic information systems, Federal and State programs, and government relations with cities, counties, and tribal government. 

For additional information and instructions to apply please visit our careers site.

Urban and Regional Planner-Advanced with Active Transportation Programs Team:

This position closes on August 12, 2018

Urban and Regional Planner-Advanced with Technical and Freight Planning Team:

This position closes on August 16, 2018


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