Natural Resource Specialist in Missoula, MT (Closes July 30)


Submit Missoula County online application by 5:00 p.m. Monday, July 30, 2018. This additional documentation must be attached to your on-line application which may require scanning: College transcripts (unofficial accepted), letter of interest, and resume. Incomplete applications that do not contain these attachments will be disqualified. Natural Resource Specialist - Performs professional level duties in the evaluation, development and implementation of natural resource and land use policies as they relate to ecosystems in rural Missoula County. Complete job description available upon request to the Department of Human Resources.

Minimum Qualifications

Requires a bachelor’s degree. Degrees best suited to this position include wildlife biology, natural resource management, forestry, and environmental studies. Requires four years of experience involving biological or social research, data analysis and report writing.

Representative Examples of Work

Oversees the Open Space Bond program. Conducts research and analysis to evaluate proposals and their impacts on conservation resources, handles funding requests, tracks expenditures and number of acres protected, and coordinates review by the Open Lands Committee, staff, and the Board of County Commissioners. Works with partner organizations to apply for grants to fund projects on Federal land, handles grant administration, provides project outreach and support by organizing site visits and engaging the community and the media. Provides support for advisory boards (including the Open Lands Committee and the Parks and Trails Advisory Board). Prepares agendas, attends meetings and reviews minutes, establishes work plan, sets priorities, provides technical advice, performs research and presents findings, and arranges for outside presenters. Coordinates land management strategies and actions for County conservation lands, including: developing and implementing programs for vegetation management and restoration priorities; identifying funding opportunities to support efforts; overseeing contractors as needed; and reviewing all conservation easements filed in the County. Works with state, federal, tribal, and non-profit organizations on land use and open space conservation projects. Represents the County as an expert in natural resource planning by researching, analyzing, reviewing and commenting on proposed legislation and actions by state or federal agencies. Coordinates annual programs, events and projects such as the Land Stewardship Award, Land Trust meeting, UM Restoration Capstone Group projects, and Montana Open Land Month. Provides professional and technical advice and guidance.



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