Great Places in Washington Pilot Program (Deadline: Mid-July)

An awards program co-sponsored by the Washington Chapter of the American Planning Association (APA WA) and the Planning Association of Washington (PAW). In this initial effort, we will soon be requesting a call for nominations to recognize Great Neighborhoods in Washington State. Awards this year will be given to two neighborhoods - one in Western Washington and one in Eastern Washington. This pilot program is based on the American Planning Association's Great Places in America Program.

Awards Criteria:

A neighborhood can be based on a specific plan or the result of a more organic process. Neighborhoods of different kinds are eligible - downtown, urban, suburban, exurban, town, small
village - but should have a definable sense of boundary and the following characteristics:

  • Has a variety of functional attributes that contribute to a resident's day-to-day living (i.e. residential, commercial, or mixed-uses).
  • Accommodates multi-modal transportation (i.e. pedestrians, bicyclists, drivers).
  • Has design and architectural features that are visually interesting.
  • Encourages human contact and social activities.

Preliminary Timeline:

  • May - Call for nominations published
  • Mid-July - Nomination applications due
  • August - Review submittals
  • Fall - Great Neighborhood winners announced (at the APA WA chapter conference)

Who Should Apply?

All are welcome to apply. Examples include:

  • Cities and towns
  • Community/neighborhood groups
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Planning professionals


View the Great Places website. Contact Hiller West, APA Co-Chair, or Lloyd Skinner, PAW Co-Chair. 

Apply Today!

Planning Association of Washington

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