2019 Western Planner Award Winners

Planner of the Year

John VanDyke, City of Mandan

For individuals who have the fortitude, skill, and humor necessary to be recognized practitioners and outspoken advocates on behalf of planning in the West.

“John has helped organize growth in Mandan as well as helping many other rural communities with guidance to succeed in their goals throughout North Dakota. John is a phone call away and takes the time to help when he can.”

Citizen Planner of the Year

Lyndsay Ulrickson, Souris Basin Planning Council

For planners of the highest caliber who have distinguished themselves as a champion and leader of a project or program that embodies the principles of planning.

“She has recognized and successfully pursued federal dollars to support planning-related activities in her region. She created and found funding for a highly acclaimed and unique Do-it-Yourself Comprehensive Plan. She also found funding for a small community to plan in the face of tremendous growth pressure. 

Lyndsay goes above and beyond for the communities in her region, has shown great leadership, and represents herself in the most professional manner.”


President's Award

Greg Smith, City of Santa Fe

Chosen at the discretion of the Western Planner president, in recognition for their contribution, dedication and perseverance in service to their fellow planners.


Rural Innovation Award

City of Ketchum

For notable innovations in planning in the smaller communities of the West.

“For implementation of an innovative new parking ordinance which facilitated a boom in affordable and market rate rental housing, including the first free market rental project to be developed in approximately 20 years.”


Sheldon D. Gerber Merit Award

Maria Lohmann, Santa Fe County

For outstanding achievements in environmental planning.

“For her work with Santa Fe County working on the Thornton Ranch Open Space planning process. The suite of plans respect the layers of history and sensitivity in the understanding that our current decisions and actions choose the future for generations to come.”


Kenneth G. Waido Award for Planning Team Of The Year

Santa Fe County Planning Division

Robert Griego, Planning Manager
Paul Olafson, Projects Manager 
Lucy Foma, Senior Planner
Erin Ortigoza, Senior Planner 
Maria Lohmann, Senior Planner
Jacob Stock, Community Planner
Gary Brett Clavio, Senior Planner
Tim Cannon, Senior Planner

In memory of the late Ken Waido, friend and active long-time Western Planner supporter, recognizing the collaborative nature of planning and the notable joint efforts of planning teams in the West.

“Santa Fe County Planning Division (SFCPD) undertook an extensive process to update 13 community plans in preparation for consistency with the County’s new Sustainable Land Development Code (SLDC). Through dozens of meetings, staff worked tirelessly to capture and nurture each community’s unique aspirations that became the basis for regulations to shape their built environment. 

From brainstorming over lunch to presenting at public meetings to reviewing drafts of emails and documents, SFCPD “Gets Stuff Done” because we trust and depend on each other. Our office brings diverse experience and skillsets together to form a worldly-minded, passionate team of people who invest their life’s blood into making Santa Fe County a better place for current and future generations.”


Stan Steadman Article of the Year Award

Selected by the editorial board

Shawn Hill, Teton Creek Corridor Project: Protecting a Key Resource in the Gye

People's Choice Award

Selected by Western Planner readers

Jamin Kimmell & Catherine Corliss, Levers of Housing Affordability: Strategies and Tools for Planners

Paul Moberly