In a planner’s own words.... A Poem - Agenda 21


by Scot Siegel, AICP, Lake Osweg, Oregon

We all agree this place is worth saving.
Though some are driven by fear, and others hope.

We can love a place to death by being afraid to change it.
It is also possible to ruin a place by being overly idealistic.

We spend the first halves of our lives trying to wrap
our minds around the world,

and the second halves attempting to meld the world
to our minds.

Leaders can moderate the tenor of a crowd
by being simultaneously loud and quiet.

Sometimes when we leave the public meeting hall
it begins to rain.

When strident people on all sides of an issue
practice empathy, the fields green-up, fires subside.

Scot Siegel lives in Oregon and serves on the board of Western Planning Resources. He writes poetry in his spare time.

Published in the December 2013/ January 2014 Issue

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